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Editorial Board

The College’s quarterly award-winning magazine, Professionally Speaking, is delivered to 234,567 Ontario Certified Teachers in either English or French (Pour parler profession). It provides inspiring stories from our members, reports trends in education and regulation, and features in-depth articles, reviews and resources to enhance professional practice.

The magazine also profiles remarkable teachers who have made a difference in the lives and careers of notable Canadians.

The Editorial Board is responsible for setting editorial and advertising policy for the magazine. The board reviews magazine content prior to publication and provides input into future editions, looking for a balance of subject areas that will interest the College’s diverse membership. Each issue highlights the achievements of teachers whose exemplary approach has earned them municipal, provincial or national acclaim, and provides these award winners with an opportunity to share their teaching philosophies with their colleagues.

Feedback from College members about the content they find most useful in guiding their professional practice helps the Editorial Board continually improve the publication.

The documentary-style Great Teaching digital profiles, introduced in 2014, continue to gain traction with both English- and French-speaking audiences. These compelling “day-in-the-life” profiles can be watched on the College’s YouTube channel. One of these stories has even received more than 7,000 views.

These Great Teaching digital components complement the magazine profiles of the same name, further highlighting award-winning teachers from across the province. Their stories provide recognition for a job well done and an opportunity to share proven techniques that have been met with success.

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In 2017, Professionally Speaking features covered important College initiatives related to its mandate including the Protecting Students Act (cover story, March 2017), the professional advisory Responding to the Bullying of Students (cover story, September 2017) and the updated professional advisory Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media (December 2017). A copy of these advisories was stitched into the centre spread for the English magazine and poly-bagged with the French as companion pieces.

In March, Professionally Speaking published its second annual supplement on Additional Qualifications (AQs), highlighting the importance of ongoing professional learning for College members, as well as key statistics from the College’s 2016 Transition to Teaching study, which looks at the job market for new Ontario Certified Teachers. “New Beginnings,” published in the September issue, highlighted how the College is responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report’s recommendations pertaining to education.

The College’s commitment to transparency and accountability is reflected in the Governing Ourselves section of the magazine. Members and the public can read reports about Council, committee and College activities — from conference, annual report and annual meeting highlights to mandatory disciplinary hearing summaries that are part of professional self-regulation.

The board is pleased that the College magazine enjoyed another impressive awards season in 2017. Professionally Speaking received international recognition at the 2017 Tabbie Awards, picking up three honours (including one bronze and two Top 25), while on a national level the publication was runner-up for Trade Magazine of the Year at the 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards. Pour parler profession was also in the spotlight with a nomination in the Professional Article category at the 40th National Magazine Awards, whose mission is to celebrate excellence in Canadian consumer and business publications. The Tabbies, presented by TABPI (Trade Association Business Publications International), recognize editorial and visual excellence in English-language trade, association and business magazines worldwide. The 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards, presented by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors, honour the high-quality work of editors within the Canadian magazine industry.

The Editorial Board continues to provide guidance on relevant education issues that appeal to readers. It encourages discussion and feedback from College members through content such as the Professional Practice section, book reviews and letters to the editor.

Editorial Board

  • Jean-Luc Bernard, OCT (a)
  • Tim Gernstein, OCT (e)
  • Godwin Ifedi (a)
  • Myreille Loubert, OCT (e) (Chair)
  • Anthony Samchek, OCT (e)

(a) = appointed
(e) = elected