Committees at Work

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is a special committee of Council that monitors the implementation of the College salary program, advises Council on the hiring processes for the Registrar and Deputy Registrar, and makes recommendations to the Council on human resources policies.

The Human Resources Committee usually meets three to four times a year. Among other business, in 2017 the committee revised the annual performance review process for the Registrar and CEO position and reviewed the job description for that role; the committee also finalized the College’s revised Diversity and Inclusion policy.

Human Resources

  • Angela De Palma, OCT (e)
  • Robert Gagné (a)
    (until November 2, 2017)
  • Jane Ishibashi (a)
  • Robert Ryan, OCT (e) (Vice-Chair)
  • Wes Vickers, OCT (e) (Chair)

(a) = appointed
(e) = elected