Committees at Work

Quality Assurance Committee

Council’s Quality Assurance Committee reviews the performance of the College relative to its objects as defined in the Ontario College of Teachers Act and ensures that the objects are achieved. The committee reviews each of the 11 objects and identifies opportunities to further support their achievement. The committee also reviews the College’s work related to Council’s four Strategic Priorities. In 2017, the committee reviewed presentations from various College departments and units that demonstrated how their work met objects and strategic priorities. The presentations included discussions of strategic initiatives that the committee reviewed using an assessment rubric.

The committee heard from the Corporate and Council Services Department about communications/outreach initiatives the College had recently undertaken, including the Public Awareness Initiative and establishing a network of communications professionals from other regulators. The Policy and Research Unit presented the process for making Act and regulatory amendments, including policy development, Council approvals, legislation drafting and how legislation comes into force. The committee was also presented information about the registration appeals process. The presentation included an overview of governing legislation, the Registration Appeals Committee mandate, the Registrar’s authority in relation to certification, as well as appeal statistics and how to request an appeal. The College Controller presented the committee with information on financial quality assurance measures, strategic initiatives and the topic of financial risk.

A school library.

The committee heard from the Investigations and Hearings Department, which presented the efforts undertaken to implement the Protecting Students Act. The presentation also covered quality assurance and streamlining measures such as the dissemination of information to employers to ensure consistency, metrics used to measure performance, streamlining agreements with members and the use of decision editors.

The committee also assessed a presentation on a survey about private schools in Ontario. The committee concluded that the professional designation helps to recognize the unique standards and training of College-certified teachers who work at private schools.

Quality Assurance

  • Marie-Louise Chartrand (a)
    (until October 19, 2017)
  • Richard Michaud, OCT (e)
  • Bill Petrie (a) (Vice-Chair)
  • Tom Potter (a)
    (from October 20, 2017)
  • Rob Ryan, OCT (e) (Chair)
  • Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT

(e) = appointed
(e) = elected